Oct 09, 2019

New Items classroomcollection.pngin the Classroom Collection

The classroom collection contains a wide variety of items that may be used in the classroom. These items range from manipulatives to models and games. This month’s ordering had more physical books than normal as we are ordering more digital content due to the availability of accessibility features. However, print materials are still important and this month’s focus was on diversity and social emotional health.

Click on the titles below to get more information or to reserve and we will deliver to your school. New resources added monthly are available to reserve and have delivered to your school in the Grant Wood AEA service area.

Check back next month for the newest additions! Contact Dianna Geers, GWAEA media specialist, for additional information or to suggest items for purchase.

(suggested age range listed after title:  P=primary, I=intermediate, M=middle school, J=junior high S=high school)

Some items are guides used by teachers:

Some items are individual books that may be read by teachers or students: