Nov 11, 2019

Learn with ScienceFlixScienceFlix

Looking for science content to support your curriculum? ScienceFlix might be your answer.

ScienceFlix is an online resource that focuses on engaging subject-area science content for students spanning grades 4-12. Each of the ScienceFlix units will help students hone literacy skills while reinforcing their understanding of crucial subjects relating to science, technology, and engineering. ScienceFlix units are further supported with a deep and dynamic reservoir of related multimedia including videos, articles, hands-on labs, critical thinking questions, quizzes, and careers.

ScienceFlix includes videos to build background knowledge and introduce vocabulary. Anchor articles build content knowledge and are written at three reading levels to ensure comprehension. A read-aloud feature is in place to support struggling readers and ELL students. News stories are available with study guides and a careers section is associated with each content area.

Teachers and students can access more than 65 complete units within ScienceFlix. This interactive online resource will help students get excited about science and extends learning beyond the classroom.  Instruction can be delivered to an entire class, small group, individually or a part of a blended learning environment.

ScienceFlix is one of the Grant Wood AEA Online Resources available 24/7 to teachers and students. If you have questions about accessing our online content, do not hesitate to reach out to Dianna Geers, GWAEA teacher librarian, or Kathleen Goslinga, GWAEA online content specialist,, @kgoslinga.