Dec 06, 2019

From the desk of…

Melissa Kane.JPGAs our Social Studies department has worked to unwrap the Inquiry Standards as part of the Iowa Core, the focus has included locating and integrating quality resources, which are placed in front of students as they begin to identify what makes a source credible. I have introduced many students to FreedomFlix to help get this process started. Not only does it have a book and video for many of the topics they study, it also has tabs to explore more about each topic and a list of credible resources to extend learning even further. The students like that the resources are all in one place and when a selection is made the result is receiving information needed. It helps take the guessing out of a search when utilizing the AEA Online Resources available. Content is very well organized. FreedomFlix is a great resource to have available as students navigate for information in the online world.

Melissa Kane
Anamosa School District Librarian
5-12 Teacher Librarian