Dec 06, 2019

History:  One Click Away with FreedomFlix

Do you ever ask yourself how people, places and events can impact our lives? Maybe you have an interest in the history of Ancient Greece, Bill of Rights, Underground Railroad, Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg or the Great Depression.

FreedomFLIX Graphic Dec 2019.jpg

FreedomFlix provides 70+ social studies units that are tied to the core standards. Each unit includes:  an introductory video, e-book, articles, primary source documents, vetted weblinks, project ideas, critical thinking questions and interactive quizzes to show what the student knows. Students are challenged to think and respond to questions at a deeper level.

FreedomFLIX supports a wide range of reading levels, vocabulary and digital content to meet the needs of all learners. There are 10 main subject areas to research and includes: Ancient World, Colonial Era, Democracy, Westward Expansion, Immigration, Slavery and the Civil War, Economy, 20th Century, Today’s World and War.

Teachers are able to utilize unit lesson plans and access whiteboard activities that include: interactive timelines, matching games, writing prompts and more. FreedomFLIX features a built in read aloud option for struggling readers and ELL students.

FreedomFlix is one of the Grant Wood AEA Online Resources available 24/7 to teachers and students. If you have questions about accessing our online content, do not hesitate to reach out to Dianna Geers, GWAEA teacher librarian, @dianna_geers or Kathleen Goslinga, GWAEA online content specialist, @kgoslinga.