Jan 06, 2020

Unpacking Specially Designed Instruction for Math into Five Steps: Tips from the GWAEA Math Team

Specially Designed Instruction Framework
The Iowa Department of Education provides a Specially Designed Instruction Framework to aid teachers in creating goals and instruction for special education students. The process begins with using a diagnostic tool to uncover the student’s strengths and areas of concern. Some diagnostic tools include the Delaware Screener, the Boulder Valley Screener and the Howard County Number Readiness Assessment.
A GWAEA math consultant would be happy to help you find and use a diagnostic tool.

Teachers and parents can create a goal that is aligned to the Iowa Common Core Standards-Mathematics. The goal should be scaffolded, yet developmentally and age appropriate, so it works toward the grade level standards. In math, you can use the Coherence Map in Achieve the Core to backmap skills from one grade to previous grades.

Once the goal has been established, teachers can begin planning instruction. A collaboration between special education and general education teachers is best practice since the intention is to use the SDI in both settings. Some resources that can be used to link instruction to standards are: Nancy Jordan’s "Number Sense," Kathy Richardson’s "Assessing Math Concepts," "Do the Math," K-5 Math Teaching Resources, Engage NY, and the National Center on Intensive Intervention.

The next step is progress monitoring. FAST has progress monitoring tools that are linked to the math assessments.  GWAEA has also created some tools that are aligned to the Delaware Screener, "Do the Math" or Kathy Richardson’s "Math Concepts Assessments." Ask a GWAEA math consultant to help you find the progress monitoring tools to fit your student’s specific needs.

Finally, adjust your instruction as necessary. The progress monitoring tools help determine if a student is learning from the intervention. While sticking to the protocol is very important, small changes in the intervention can make a big difference in progress.

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