Feb 12, 2020

From the Desk of...Michelle Bessman

Making Choices with MackinVIAStudent using MackinVIA with his computer.

We use MackinVIA during Daily 5 time. Students listen to audiobooks or read digital books that are not available in my classroom or building library. Once the students learned the process to log in and how to navigate the site, it worked very well. According to my students, it is now easy to use and they really enjoy the selection of choices.

MackinVia logo

Research says that listening to text has enormous benefits for students. I really appreciate having a digital library for my students to select literature. I believe digital literature will be a part of my students' everyday lives and it is important that I set them up to be able to successfully navigate digital resources. I also appreciate that my lower readers are able to experience grade level literature with success by listening to a story they could not comprehend by reading. I enjoy listening to the students to discuss and recommend books and authors to each other.

The students like that you can search for books they wish to listen to and/or read. Students can search by genre or author, they like the choices and a wide variety of books.

Michelle Bessman, Fifth-grade teacher
Mid-Prairie Middle School