Feb 10, 2020

Research, Learning and EngagementBookFLIX and TrueFLIX

BookFLIX and TrueFLIX Online Resources

Kim Lynch, a third-grade teacher at Benton Community's Atkins Elementary, searched for social studies curriculum resources to support student learning.  She wanted safe, vetted, reviewed, accurate, and easy to understand resources for her students.

Lynch found that BookFLIX and TrueFLIX offer grade-level content and additional articles, videos, activities, and websites.

"If students access content with relative ease, their engagement grows along with their learning," Lynch said. "The fact that students can work at their own pace with individual choice keeps them energized and eager to learn. They love it."

"TrueFLIX and BookFLIX support our social studies and science curriculums," she continued. "We have a center called Know Your World. Students love to research and incorporate reading and writing after listening to a TrueFLIX topic."

The students shared their experiences using TrueFLIX and BookFLIX.

Alexa and Kennedy used BookFLIX to learn about China by reading a book, watching a video, and learning facts. They read “The Scrambled States of America" to learn about states. Alexa noted there are 27-categories to select and use.

"The book and accompanying video helped me learn more about the world," explained Anna.

Kelsey said, "I love learning facts. If you could put all the facts about the whole world into one resource, it would be TrueFLIX."

"All of the countries can be searched using one resource," said Brady.

Caleb shared, "I enjoy learning from videos and books. They teach me how to read by myself and not just listen to someone else."

"I used the book, 'Insects and Spiders' when I was in first and second grade to learn the different body parts," Thomas added.