Mar 02, 2020

BookFLIX: Bring Stories to Life with Animation and NarrationIMG_6328.jpg


Julie Courter, Tipton PreK-12 teacher-librarian, welcomes the opportunity to introduce digital tools to students that can be accessed individually at both school and home.
"I have the unique opportunity to meet with each class as a whole during PreK-2 library time," Courter said. "BookFLIX is one of the student's favorites and is introduced to the students as early as preschool."
"Students look forward to the screen coming down and being able to watch the animated stories," she continued. "It's an excellent way to show the difference between a paired set of fiction and non-fiction stories, along with engaging students who learn differently."
Bailey Anderson, a first-grade teacher at Tipton Elementary, has extended the learning into her classroom as an option for students during individual literacy centers. "I love using BookFLIX because it gives the students a chance to hear a fluent reader and see the text and illustrations. BookFLIX makes an available variety of titles that expands offerings available beyond print form. Student engagement and accessibility are enhanced."
"We like the fact the Grant Wood AEA provides BookFLIX for us to use," Anderson said. "BookFLIX is kid-friendly, available 24/7, and doesn't require a lot of steps for young learners to access books."
Lily, a first-grade student shared she is super excited to use BookFLIX during center time. Lily enjoys the animation, moving pictures in the books, and likes to hear the author (narrator) make all the different
noises when the story, "Click, Clack Moo Cows That Type," is read aloud.
Easton, also, a first-grade student loves the interactive games you can play after reading the books. "The games are a lot of fun, especially the word match."
Check out BookFLIX, one of Grant Wood AEA's online resources, to bring digital eBook content to your classroom and students.