Mar 07, 2020

Building a Love for ReadingBuilding a Love for Reading

Erin Koehn and Jessica Walker, second-grade teachers at English Valleys Community School District, shared how students are using BookFLIX and TrueFLIX during their free reading time and in MTSS groups.

"We, as a teacher, along with the students, enjoy the books and resources available in BookFLIX and TrueFLIX," Erin said. "BookFLIX has fun stories to help students build a love for reading. Available texts are abundant. We like how BookFLIX pairs fiction and non-fiction books together and includes comprehension questions and games."

"I love that there is a read-aloud option for lower readers," Erin commented. "The text is highlighted and reinforces fluency."

Jessica stated, "Students are engaged in different platforms and are becoming more responsible for their town learning during independent work time. The ability to create lesson plans from resources is helpful."

"TrueFLIX has so many categories with engaging topics so students can learn more. I like that the ebooks have paired videos. It is helpful that the stories supplement our social studies and science curriculum. TrueFLIX also allows students to explore the topics more in-depth safely on the web by clicking on the 'Explore More'" tab, Jessica said. "For teachers, it gives project ideas and activities for students. It also includes comprehension questions and vocabulary word match games.

"TrueFLIX stories are a little harder reading levels, and students benefit from the read-aloud option," she continued. "Our second graders can easily navigate online resources. The tabs are colorful and easy to access. Students can use it independently during centers while the teacher is working with a small group."

"BookFLIX and TrueFLIX have a variety of texts that are engaging to the students," she continued. "I have a student who loves learning about space and planets. I was able to show him the Solar System category, and he's enjoyed reading about the planets and digging deeper into this subject."
The boys are interested in disaster stories. They've learned about the BP Oil Spill and the Titanic. It's fun to have them come running up to you to share something cool they've learned. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes.
Several students shared their personal perspectives about BookFLIX and TrueFLIX.
London shared, "I can read different kinds of stories and learn about new things."
Bella never gets bored because there are so many categories to read.

Isabella enjoys read-aloud books.

Allie likes videos, books, and games to play.
Johrdan enjoys being able to read both non-fiction and fiction books.

"We love that you can use BookFLIX and TrueFLIX 24/7 and that multiple users can access it at any time," Jessica concluded. "We feel it is an excellent resource for families who don't have books available at home. There is so much content that the students will never run out of things to read and learn."

BookFLIX and TrueFLIX are two of Grant Wood AEA's Online Resources.