Mar 07, 2020

Coming in April:  National Poetry MonthNational Poetry Month

Join millions of others in celebrating the largest literary celebration! The mission of National Poetry Month is to celebrate poets, increase awareness of poetry, encourage reading and enjoyment of poetry in schools, and provide resources for teachers.
What is poetry?
Poems, with their short text, rhythms, and (sometimes) rhymes, are hidden gems that have repeated reads, paraphrasing, vocabulary study, all within one class period. Closely linked to music and lyrics, the weariest of readers may find a connection and interest in this form of reading and writing.

Poetry invites and motivates learners to write and experiment with different styles and words. Poetry is a way to study concepts and information in a compact format. It also allows for creative use of words and forms for expressing ideas and knowledge.

How can the GWAEA Media Center help you celebrate poetry?
Freshen up your classroom library with a box of poetry titles. Visit the Grant Wood AEA Media Center links below for a selection of titles to check out for your classroom.

Primary Level Poetry (25 different books)

Poetry grades 3-4 (24 different books)

Intermediate Poetry Books (15 different books)

Let learners share similar poetry experiences with a boxed book set containing multiple copies of the
same title

Stanza - (20 copies of the same title)

How about a poetry-writing dog? Tough dog by day secretly writes poetry and wants to enter a poetry contest. Read this rhyming picture book by Iowa author Jill Esbaum.

Stanza by Jill Esbaum and Jack E. Davis


In "The Write Thing, Kwame Alexander Engages Students in Writing Workshop and You Can Too!," author Kwame Alexander discusses writing workshops that he has held with students. He offers tips for teachers, a large appendix with lesson plans, mini-lesson plans, documents, and examples of the writing process from prewriting through publishing.


The Write Thing by Kwame Alexander

Borrow "The Write Thing" from Grant Wood AEA Media CenterClick here to reserve a copy and have it sent to your school.

Poetry: Not only for ELA
Not only is poetry beneficial in ELA classrooms, but poetry may also support interest and deepen understanding in classes such as math, social studies, and science. By reading and writing poetry in other content areas, learners can interact with information creatively.

Poetry in SCIENCE
The Poetry Of Science: The Poetry Friday Anthology For Science For Kids

The National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) recommends this poetry book with 248 poems by 78 award-winning and famous poets. Poems included are about push and pull, chemistry, energy, math, computers, inventions, famous scientists, experiments, imagining the future, and more.

The Poetry of Science

This book is a companion book to The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science Teacher Edition, and is an NSTA Recommends title aligned with NGSS with 30 additional bonus poems. (featured below)

The Poetry Friday Anthology For Science: Poems For The School Year Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering And Math With Reading And Language Arts (K-5 Teacher/Librarian Edition)

Allow students to examine primary sources from the Library of Congress. From Civil War photos to Hellen Keller, to Langston Hughes, to a children’s ward in an 1865 hospital, learners can practice historical reading documents and show their learning in learning activities provided.  A teaching guide, digital access to primary source informational text, and photos are all provided here.

No time to wait for delivery?
Our MackinVIA Ebook collection has hundreds of poetry ebooks  as well as novels written in verse. These are great for group discussions, stations, and individuals. Available anytime/anywhere, our MackinVia  titles meet many learner and teacher needs.