Mar 19, 2020

Computer Science and Math- Online and OffComputerScience-Math.png

There are fun and easy online and unplugged (offline) activities for kids to engage in computer science and mathematics concepts.

Explore what we have put together for you that covers math learning, too! We have activities for ALL grade levels.

These computer science and mathematics activities include:

Choose an Hour of Code Activity

Unplugged Activities
Elementary - Bitt Bott Explores Earth
Middle School - Conditional with Cards
High School - Input and Output Math Activity

Beginner Activities
Elementary - Code with Anna and Elsa
Middle School - 10 Minutes of Code
High School - Simple Encryption

Comfortable Activities
Elementary - Learn One Hour of Coding with RoboBlockly
Middle School - BlocksCADSnowflake
High School - Bloons Trigonometry Defense


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