Apr 10, 2020

Learning with Teen Health & Wellness teenHealth (2).jpg

Rosen's award-winning Teen Health & Wellness database provides students with up-to-date, non-judgmental curricular and self-help support. The articles correlate to the Iowa State Standards, including Health, Language Arts, Science, and the CASEL (Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning) Framework.

The topics include diseases, drugs, alcohol, sexuality & sexual health, nutrition, mental health, suicide, LGBTQ+ issues, skills for school, work, life, and more.

Teen Health & Wellness offers new and expanded content in the areas of bullying, suicide, opioid abuse, gender identity, school safety, sexual consent, human trafficking, vaping, and more. Teen Health & Wellness supports social, emotional learning with articles on relationship skills, decision-making, growth mindset, social engagement, diversity, and more. The resource encourages empathy with teen voices, and student created stories and videos on kindness, self-esteem, depression, divorce, adoption, and more.

The features include:
    •     24/7 hotlines, helplines, and text lines
    •    Text-to-speech and enhanced text visibility (color, font, size) to ensure all learners read and succeed
    •    Closed captioning for videos
    •    Instant translation into over 100 languages, including Spanish, and foreign language read-aloud in 13 languages, including Spanish
    •    "Teen Hotlines" free mobile app for 24/7 access to hotlines, helplines, and websites
    •    EasyBib and NoodleTools citation generators

Amy Grundmeyer, a 6-12 Librarian at Center Point-Urbana Schools, said, "Teen Health and Wellness helps me teach seventh and eighth grade financial literacy. The section, Skills for School, Work and Life, has many articles that connect to Iowa Core social studies financial literacy standards. Each article has a listen button for auditory learners, and many articles contain videos. The budgeting article has an interactive budgeting calculator that is an eye-opener for some students! My inner librarian appreciates that most of the articles were updated in March."

Teen Health & Wellness includes coronavirus information. Teen Health & WellnessContent presents facts, not fear, in a balanced, readable, and measured format. Students can stay connected during COVID-19 and share their voices through the Personal Story Project. This tool allows teens to share and publish their experiences and to find strength and hope in one another's stories.

Sharing challenges confronted and overcome is more than empowering; it's a way to say, "You are not alone."

Read the Personal Stories archive and invite your students to raise their voices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and publish their own stories.