May 12, 2020

Swing into Reading with BookFLIX, TrueFLIX and TumbleBook

boy with ipad and online resource.jpgMake reading an exciting part of your summer game plan with BookFLIX, TrueFLIX, and TumbleBook. All are free, easy to access, safe online resources for PreK-5 students available from Grant Wood Area Education Agency.

Grant Wood AEA provides a variety of online tools that serve the emergent reader to a high school senior. These tools will give your reader free access to contemporary titles with a few simple clicks.

Your early reader can flip through eBooks easily with ‘read aloud’ and other tools including text highlights and prompts for page-turning. Spanish options are available with some resources.

Emergent readers in preschool through third grade can score a home run with the help of BookFLIX, TrueFLIX and TumbleBook, three of the AEA Online Resources.

Grades PreK-3
BookFlix is a digital literacy resource that pairs more than 120 animated stories from Weston Woods with a best-selling nonfiction eBook from Scholastic on a similar subject. The fiction and nonfiction pairings strengthen early literacy skills while introducing young learners to real-world concepts.

The following are a few examples of learning opportunities for children using BookFlix:

  • “Math in the Kitchen” by Ellen Weiss. Whether you are in the kitchen or walking through your neighborhood, students will enjoy the story and, at the same time, apply basic math skills to measure each ingredient along with determining what size of the cake will be needed to feed 12 people attending a birthday party.
  • “Math in the Neighborhood” by Ellen Weiss. Students can count the number of dogs walking throughout the neighborhood along with the number of street signs and bus route schedules, including arrival and departure times.
  • “Animals in the Zoo” by Allan Fowler. Math learning includes a visit to the zoo where children can count how many zebras, elephants, lions, or monkeys they see. They can also look at their differences related to size, climate, and even habitat.
  • “Rainy Weather Days” by Pam Rosenberg. We may even encounter days where the weather keeps you inside due to rain. What can we learn? How are raindrops formed? Rain impacts the overall growth of plants, and if it’s a warm day, we can have fun playing in the rain or puddles.
  • “Keeping Fit” by Megan Bogert-Spaniol. Whether you are riding your bike, playing ball or going to the park to exercise is a part of each day. Look at how eating the right foods can help maintain a strong heart, muscles, and bones.

Female student uses an iPad in the classroomGrades 3-5
TrueFLIX combines Scholastic True Books content, along with reading. This resource supports a rich and diverse collection of related videos, images, weblinks, and text. Currently, there are over 140 units of study in the area of social studies and science.

The following are examples showcasing the learning opportunities for children using TrueFLIX:

  • “Thunderstorms” by Chana Stefel. Students can learn how a thunderstorm forms and what results in a severe thunderstorm. Explore this title and others in the category: Extreme Nature.
  • “Experiments with Motion” by Susan H. Gray. Learn how the Scientific method works through: observations, forming a hypothesis, and concluding. Take a look at the other experiments available in the area of electricity, magnets, plants, rocks and minerals or solids, liquids, and gases.
  •  “Healthy Eating” by Jane Sieving Pelkki. Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy food choices. How can the right food choice result in strength and recharging your body and mind? Check out other titles available in the Health category.
  •  “North America” by Libby Koponen. Do you often wonder how the different regions of North America vary from the amount of daylight to the desert and even the grasslands? Maybe you have asked, “What is The Far North?” Find your answers within the book and through other activities available in this unit. Take a look at the Continents category to learn more about Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia & Oceania, Europe, or South America.

Two boys use an iPad in the classroomGrades PreK-5
TumbleBook features stories brought to life with the use of animation and read-aloud activities, which captures the attention of our emergent readers.

The following are three of the stories available through TumbleBook:

  • "Stealing Home” by Matt Christopher: Reading provides opportunities to create relationships. Ever wonder how Joey and an exchange student from Nicaragua appreciate each other’s differences? In “Matt Christopher: Stealing Home,” learn how their friendship evolves over the game of baseball.
  •  “Just Like Josh Gibson” by Angela Johnson: Another two-time award winner, “Just Like Josh Gibson,” pays tribute to any of us who have had a dream postponed. “Josh Gibson” is a reminder to us all that often we have to take one small step, which can lead to something big in the future.

BookFlix, TrueFLIX, and TumbleBook are among the 27 AEA Online Resources available to all students, preschool through high school, in the Grant Wood AEA service area.

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