Aug 17, 2020

Iowa AEA System Deliverables for Online Learning Professional Development

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies have collaborated to generate multiple professional development opportunities and resources that support appropriate instructional pedagogy for teaching in the online environment. The deliverables include varied formats for independent learning, district facilitated learning, or learning in collaboration with an AEA partner.return to learn logo with image of computer

Competency Scale for Online Learning
The Competency Scale for Online Learning was developed to support the Continuous Learning Technology Integration Continuum released by the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa’s AEAs. The scale measures one’s ability to demonstrate competency for teaching online.

Menu of PD Opportunities & Learning Opportunity Database
Review the scope of learning opportunities available on AEA Learning Online, courses, modules, articles and webinars. The Menu of PD Opportunities is an abbreviated, condensed list and infographic. The Learning Opportunity Database is a comprehensive, searchable tool with an abundance of resources for educators in developing online learning experiences.

Supporting Online Learning: An AEA Webinar Series
This three-week, AEA Webinar Series, will cover topics around creating an online learning environment, designing and delivering online learning, how to facilitate good communication & collaboration and embedding feedback & assessment. Iowa’s AEA and LEA educators will deliver webinars that will be streamed on the Iowa AEA Facebook page and made available for “anytime viewing” following the live sessions.

District IT Support for Online Learning: An AEA Webinar Series
In partnership with Google for Education, this free webinar series is specifically for IT professionals.

Modern Teacher
This platform offers flexibility to align professional learning with the district's vision for digital proficiency. Negotiated pricing is available. An overview of the product can be found here. NOTE: Contact the vendor to arrange a specific contract for your district  for the upcoming academic year.  Please note that the AEAs are pleased to coordinate information about this resource, but the AEAs are not subsidizing or purchasing the resource for districts.