Sep 17, 2020

Materials to Support Learners and Their Teachers:  Longer Checkouts This Year

The Grant Wood AEA Media Center provides collections to enhance learning for educators and students. These Media Center resources supplement learning for more than 72,000 students in 32 public and approved non-publicMedia Center.png schools in seven counties served by Grant Wood AEA, including Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington counties.

  • Our classroom collection has materials such as book sets, lesson ideas, games, manipulatives, and more while the professional collection provides educators with resources to support their professional growth and well-being. Educators may browse and reserve items at any time using our online catalog. The items are housed in GWAEA’s 6th ST facility in Cedar Rapids. Items are conveniently delivered to your school, but you are also welcome to come in person to browse and borrow during our business hours of 8:00AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday.
  • In addition to our physical collections, our GWAEA Online Resources are available anytime/anywhere. These include videos, graphics, e-books, activities and more. The digital resources have built in accessibility features and are easily shared with students and families electronically.

Updated Checkout Lengths
We appreciate items being returned on time to make cleaning and redistributing to other school districts timely and effective. In an effort to make this easier, we have added additional days to the majority of the items we loan. Also, to allow resources to be utilized by as many districts possible, we have removed the “double booking” option. The following charts demonstrate updated lengths of loans for each collection.

Collection Name Former Length of Loans NEW Length of Loan*
Adaptive PE Collection 15 days 15 days
Boxed Books 20 days 25 days
Classroom Materials 20 days 25 days
DVDs 5 days 25 days
ELL Collection 20 days 25 days
Professional Library 10 days 25 days

*Days are for actual school days. Weekends and holidays do not count towards the total. For example 25 days would equal 5 full weeks. If these weeks happen to fall over a holiday vacation, those scheduled days off will not count towards the 25 day total.

Getting Your Resources to You
Delivering resources to school districts is more important now than ever before. Grant Wood AEA delivery vans are out every school day delivering to and picking up Media Center materials free of charge. Each school will be visited by delivery vans twice per week. Please reference this van delivery schedule to find out when they will stop by your school. Unforeseen closures may change this schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact GWAEA Teacher Librarian, Dianna Geers, or the GWAEA Media Center: 319-399-6754 or 800-642-4107. 
For online resource questions contact Kathleen Goslinga 319-399-6582 or 800-332-8488, ext. 6582. 
For questions about Adaptive Physical Education, contact Ann Griffin.