Sep 11, 2020

New Online Math Resources

To support blended and distance learning, the Grant Wood AEA math team reviewed and recommended the use of three powerful learning resources; Mathalicious, StrADDegy, and K-5 Math. The Agency was able to purchase subscriptions to these supports and will begin implementing them for use in any hybrid learning model.


Mathalicious aims to provide real-world lessons for middle and high school teachers while aligning with Statewide, Common Core Standards. This helps build conceptual Math.pngunderstanding of the lessons by placing lessons in a context students can relate to. 


StrADDegy is a learning portal that gives teachers access to hundreds of resources that can be introduced as whole-class, small group or independent activities. StrADDegy utilizes fun activities to keep students engaged, provides investigations to help build understanding of key math concepts, and reinforces these concepts through routines. This versatile resource even includes short videos for teacher's professional development.

K-5 Math

K-5 Math offers resources to support teachers in the development of key mathematical skills, concepts and understandings. Providing both consulting and professional development, K-5 grounds its work in current educational theory and practice. This online tool includes lessons that promise to give students frequent opportunities to develop their own problem solving strategies, to pose questions, and to engage in mathematical inquiry through the use of open-ended tasks.

Why Mathalicious, StrADDegy, & K-5 Math Teaching Resources?

Grant Wood area school districts already using these tools have given the following testimonials. The key benefits of these resources include:

  • Offering lessons and activities that engage learners in discourse and sense-making about mathematical concepts.
  • Providing equitable access to high-quality mathematics.
  • Supporting rigorous instruction by building a foundation of conceptual understanding that provides opportunities for procedural fluency and application.
  • Using in both online learning experiences and in person learning.