Sep 11, 2020

New Online Math ResourcesMath.png

Three new resources are available to support blended and distance learning this year!

Based on recommendations from the Grant Wood AEA math team, the AEA purchased three powerful learning resources; Mathalicious, StrADDegy, and K-5 Math.


Mathalicious (soon to undergo a name change to Citizen Math - same great resource, just a new name), is aimed at supporting secondary math teachers (6-12) while aligning with statewide, common core standards. Mathalicious provides ready-made real-world application lessons that integrate the everyday with the conceptual understanding needed to solve everyday problems. Teachers are provided with the teacher materials, students materials, lesson videos, and lesson interactives that are aimed at engaging students with mathematical decision-making aligned to the standards for mathematical practice. The resources are designed to make the teacher prepared to deliver a successful problem-based, standards-aligned learning experience for their students.

Mathalicious (Citizen Math) Tips from Grant Wood AEA's Math Team:



StrADDegy is a learning portal that gives teachers access to hundreds of resources that can be introduced as whole-class, small group or independent activities. StrADDegy utilizes fun activities to keep students engaged, provides investigations to help build understanding of key math concepts, and reinforces these concepts through routines. This versatile resource even includes short videos for teacher's professional development.

StrADDegy Tips from Grant Wood AEA's Math Team:

  • This resource is a great go-to for developing fact addition fact fluency, and includes:
    • Short videos for teacher’s professional development.
    • Engaging stories that provide contexts for children to see patterns, construct relationships and build number intuition that is translated into fact strategies.
    • An assortment of learning experiences to build understanding (investigations), reinforce relationships (routines) and develop mastery (games).
    • Carefully crafted number strings.
    • User-friendly visual tools, including rekenreks and ten-frames.
    • Digital games for teacher demonstration and learning stations.

Note: Once in StraDDegy, you will need your GWAEA username and new password. Contact Kathleen Goslinga, Dianna Geers or your school librarian for this information.


K-5 Math

Many teachers are aware of K-5 Math as it has provided some of its content free for teachers for the last several years, but access to the full range of content required an individual or team subscription. This year Grant Wood AEA negotiated a one-time fee to provide all your elementary teachers full access to all the K-5 center activities as well as the K-5 math journals. K-5 Math offers resources to support teachers in the development of key mathematical skills, concepts and understandings. Providing both consulting and professional development, K-5 grounds its work in current educational theory and practice. This online tool includes lessons that promise to give students frequent opportunities to develop their own problem solving strategies, to pose questions, and to engage in mathematical inquiry through the use of open-ended tasks.

K-5 Tips from Grant Wood AEA's Math Team:

  • This resource is great for supporting the whole class, a small group, and intervention groups in the classroom that are aligned to the Common Core Math Standards. 
  • Once in K-5 Math Teaching Resources, you will need to request access to the Google Drive from your math consultant


Why Mathalicious, StrADDegy, & K-5 Math Teaching Resources?
Grant Wood area school districts already using these tools have given the following testimonials. The key benefits of these resources include:

  • Offering lessons and activities that engage learners in discourse and sense-making about mathematical concepts.
  • Providing equitable access to high-quality mathematics.
  • Supporting rigorous instruction by building a foundation of conceptual understanding that provides opportunities for procedural fluency and application.
  • Using in both online learning experiences and in person learning.