Nov 12, 2020

New Professional Titles

The Media Center still has physical books that may be reserved online and delivered to school districts served by Grant Wood Area Education Agency. Check out these new professional books or see our other new professional titles.

Breaking Bold : Dare To Defy The Tyranny Of Trends And Live The Relationship Habits Of Breaking Bold by Weston & Molly KieschnickA Master Educator by Weston Kieschnick

In a moment when mental health issues are bearing down on our students, the role of educators must expand to meet both their academic needs and their social-emotional needs. This book offers twelve habits to nurture relationships with and among students, including strategies, tools, and assessments teachers can use to grow masterful in each. To reserve this book click here.



Chart A New Course : A Guide To Teaching Essential Skills For Tomorrow's World by Rachelle Dene Poth

Chart a New Course by Rachelle Dene PothTo succeed in the future, students need the ability to communicate, work in teams, think creatively, problem-solve and design. This book shows educators how to help students develop these essential skills through authentic, real-world learning experiences, building a pathway for the future of learning and work. Students will be empowered to build confidence in sharing their learning, become more responsible digital citizens and evolve into classroom creators. To reserve this book click here.

Unlearning : Changing Your Beliefs And Your Classroom With UDL by Allison PoseyUnlearning
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) suggests exciting ways to design and deliver engaging, rigorous learning experiences - as a growing international movement of UDL practitioners can attest. However, implementing UDL also requires us to unlearn many beliefs, assumptions, and teaching practices that no longer work. This book identifies 'The Unlearning Cycle' and challenges educators to think again about what, how, and why they teach. Borrow this book here.

Grant Wood Area Education Agency Delivers
Remember - we deliver!  Each school will be visited by delivery vans twice per week. Please reference this van delivery schedule to find out when they will stop by your school.