Nov 12, 2020

Online Resource Updates

As we constantly try to improve what we do to support our schools, educators, and learners, so do the creators of the online resources in which we subscribe! Here are a few of those updates:

AP Newsroom - What used to be called “AP Images” is now “AP Newsroom.”  Not only is the name and icon new, but the content and organization have also Grant Wood Area Education Agency Media Center Updates A P Newsroom,, N B C Learnbeen updated. Included are photos from the Associated Press (AP) as well as news stories, infographics, and audio clips created for the news. Remember, the AP has staff working around the world and provides content for newspapers. Also remember these items may be searched and students may use them when demonstrating what they know and when creating digital content.

ClipArt - and have been combined to create a database with over 21 Million reusable, updated and diverse clipart and photos! Images may be used by teachers when creating bulletin boards, newsletters, and presentations for students, and also provides a safe and ad-free search experience for students as they also create digital content.

NBC Learn - NBC Learn has closed. This was a valued digital resource in our collection. We are encouraged some of their content will still be available for free on the NBC News Site or the NBC News Learn YouTube Page. We thank you for your understanding and we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to offer digital content to our classrooms.