Dec 11, 2020

CISM Presents Virtually at the AESA Conference

Members of the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team including Katy Lee, Sharon Clark, Jill Weigel, Chad Caudill, Janine Kane, Amanda Osborn, Natalie Hahn-Mauck and Erica CISM Presents Virtually At The A E S A ConferenceBuffington addressed crisis intervention planning, training practices, and more at this year's virtual AESA Conference.

The Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA) is a professional organization with the mission of strengthening educational service agencies. Its annual conference is a three-day event that brings in viewers from all 45 states served by the AESA. Grant Wood AEA's CISM team was recommended to present at this year's conference due to their work throughout the pandemic. Specifically, they modified resources and materials to align with COVID-19 protocols, created self-care materials, and started "Coffee with Colleagues" in order to promote connectedness among GWAEA staff. 

Jill Weigel, a regional administrator at GWAEA who presented, had this to say following the event: "I think our team has a lot of pride around the work that has occurred, as well as a strong passion to continue our team's work despite the current pandemic. We have learned a lot during this time and we will continue to utilize our new learning as we move forward"

Here is a snippet of their presentation: The Why of Our Work

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