Dec 07, 2020

ClassLink: One Login to Access the Perfect Nonfiction Texts

So many teachers are looking for articles and nonfiction texts, but are struggling to find accurate and engaging materials online.  

The National Association of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading framework suggests that in kindergarten, one-half of the reading is fiction and one-half is nonfiction. The emphasis of nonfiction over fiction grows each year. By the time students are in 12th grade, it is suggested that 70% of learners’ reading should be in nonfiction texts. ClassLink: One Login to Access the PERFECT Nonfiction Texts.

The Grant Wood Area Education Agency Media Center has been getting more and more questions from teachers; “Is there a tool that will remove all of the ads when I share articles with students?”, “What happens when students do not have access to our textbook?”  Or “What if we do not have a textbook?”

ClassLink is a single-sign on option, making it a game changer for in-person and remote learning. Once logged in, a simple click will immediately open the door to all of the nonfiction databases:

In addition to students searching these databases, teachers may share specific articles with students in their learning management systems (such as Google Classroom and SeeSaw), as well as embedding them in interactive platforms such as PearDeck and JamBoard.