Sep 02, 2020

Orders and Van Deliveries Begin September 8

After a prolonged closure due to COVID-19 and the derecho storms, Grant Wood AEA's van delivery service will be resuming local deliveries.

Grant Wood AEA staff make over 270 van deliveries each week, delivering GWAEA materials, printing, Orders & Van Deliveries (1).pngcorrespondence, and more. Beginning September 8 the media center's catalog will once again accept reservations and requests for items.

Van deliveries happen twice a week - either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Vans stop at every building for public, non-public, Kirkwood programs, and off-site programs in all 32 school districts and seven counties serviced. Grant Wood AEA van drivers are still in the process of picking up items from last school year and need to make sure we have items back before they get reserved.

A 2020-21 calendar for van delivery dates can be found here.

Note: Some items will not be available this year and those include items, such as the Digital Planetarium & Google Expeditions, as we try to support COVID-19 safety protocols. Other items may be temporarily unavailable as Grant Wood AEA van drivers continue picking up items from last school year. As these items are cleaned and reinventoried they will be made available for reservation.

For those interested in having items delivered, be sure to correctly address the items in the following format:
Jane Doe (and title/department if known)
Building Name
District Name

Van Route Number (see attached)