Jan 22, 2021

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Developing and Using Models

Thanks for checking out another Snippet from Grant Wood AEA consultants Laura and Amber! If you missed last week's info, we covered labs in blended learning. This week Laura and Amber are taking a closer look at modeling.

Modeling is a powerful strategy to use in science to help students to make meaning of their experiences. Modeling makes their learning visible to show the progression over time.

Take a look at this Modeling Toolkit. Inside are great strategies to how you can engage students in building models and getting feedback on their models. These strategies would easily fit into a station rotation blended learning environment.

The Modeling Toolkit can be a great resource for modeling strategies, and if your students are working in a digital environment, check out the attached Google Slide deck that you can make a copy of to use with your students. It takes these modeling strategies and separates them out and provides a digital workspace for your students. Note you would just use one of the slides or allow students to choose.

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