Jan 28, 2021


NGSS in Blended Learning

It has been a great month of sharing ideas around blended in a science classroom! Consultants Amber and Laura have spent the last four weeks demonstrating useful knowledge on science in blended learning. If you missed any of this month's Snippets, they are archived on this page for future reference.

Let’s put some of these pieces together. We really want to use the structure of the NGSS standards to help us think about this through a blended lens. The three parts of NGSS standards are the Core Ideas, the Science & Engineering Practices and the Cross-Cutting Concepts. Through a blended lens, we view this as the Core Ideas are what students interact with.  The Practices are what students are actually doing in their stations and the Cross-Cutting Concepts are how students explain their learning from their station work.

What could the structure of a blended science classroom look like using the NGSS?

Start with a phenomena to get students asking questions.

Set up your blended learning stations around the Science and Engineering Practices. Then have your students think about what they learned and ask them to use a Cross-Cutting Concept to anchor their thoughts.  For example they would explain the patterns (a cross-cutting concept) they saw in a data set when they were Analyzing and Interpreting data (a science and engineering practice) at one of the stations. 

Blending FOSS -- Model #1 Focus Question about Phenomena 2. Stations on skills of Science & Engineering Practices | Student choice of 1 cross-cutting concept to ground their explanation
Model Image

Question: How do you think you could use this in your classroom? 

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