Jan 15, 2021

Saturday Snippet What about labs?

What about Labs?

This is the second Snippet from Grant Wood AEA consultants Laura and Amber as we explore blended learning in science. If you missed it, the first Snippet covered phenomena-based teaching. This week Laura and Amber are taking a closer look at Labs.

A very common question or concern science teachers bring up is “What about labs?” Don’t let a lab or hands-on science stop you from trying a blended approach.

You might ask yourself: How have I solved this problem to allow students to engage in labs in a blended environment?

GIF Source: Crusoe on GIPHY

Every day doesn’t have to be a student-self paced day. Have a lab day. Maybe all students are doing the same lab, maybe they are doing different variations on the same lab materials. The labs can be connected and reflect the questions that bubbled up in the phenomena observations.

Or have your teacher station be your lab station. When students come to you they are active in the lab. When they are not with you, they are making sense of their experiences or gaining other background knowledge through videos, readings, data, etc.

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