Feb 18, 2021

Dealing With Productive Struggle | Grant Wood AEA Saturday Snippets

Dealing With Productive Struggle

Math consultant Janet Greene is back with another Saturday Snippet! If you missed last week's Snippet all about online math resources you can find it here. 

To start off, what is 'productive struggle?' 
Productive struggle is a state of engagement that enables students to work through increasingly challenging problems and new problems they have never seen before.

Productive struggle is to be expected in a Blended or Personalized environment. Effectively teaching mathematics on a consistent basis means providing students with opportunities and supports so they can engage in productive struggle as they grapple with mathematical ideas and relationships. (Further reading, NCTM’s Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All p. 48)

James Nottingham’s Learning Pit visually represents productive struggle. 

An understanding of the progression of the standards will enable teachers to provide the appropriate scaffolds so students can climb out of the pit. Achieve the Core’s Progressions Documents for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics provides guidance about the sequence and connectedness of the standards across grade levels. 

What we do when students are experiencing struggle has a major impact on how they view themselves as learners. Eight Teaching Habits that Block Productive Struggle in Math Students by Heera Kang from MIND Research Institute explains how a few common teaching habits may hinder student learning.

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