Feb 09, 2021

Math Resources from the Grant Wood AEA Media Center

Grant Wood Area Education Agency allows area districts to explore and order materials from its Media Center.Math Resource Media Center.png Almost anything a teacher will need can be found in the Media Center catalog, from online resources to books on tape and much more. These resources cover a wide range of subjects. Here are a few handy math resources available:

Daily routines to jump start math class (John SanGiovanni)
These books offer brief daily math routines to engage students, improve number sense, and practice reasoning for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

Teaching student-centered mathematics (John Van de Walle)
These updated editions illustrates what it means to teach mathematics using a student-centered, problem-based approach; serves as a go-to reference for all of the mathematics content suggested for grades PreK-2, grades 3-5 & grades 6-8 as recommended in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSO, 2010); and presents a practical resource of robust, problem-based activities and tasks that can engage children in the mathematics that is important for them to learn.

Teaching Math with Google Apps
This book reveals more than fifty ways teachers can purposefully use technology in math classes. The goal is to help students develop critical-thinking skills and learn how to apply mathematical concepts to real life. Specifically, Google Apps give teachers the opportunity to interact with students in more ways that are meaningful and empower students to stretch their thinking and their creativity as they collaborate, explore, and learn.

Developing Fraction Sense A
This program consists of 32 short lessons and 5 enrichment lessons. Fraction blocks, rectangular grids, and number lines are used to provide students with a strong foundation for learning the grade 3 CCSS fraction standards.

Developing Fraction Sense B
This program consists of 45 lessons. Students are provided with a concrete or pictorial introduction to the grade 4 CCSS fraction standards prior to being shown arithmetic approaches. There is a special focus on benchmark fractions.

Developing Fraction Sense C
This program consists of 46 short lessons and 3 enrichment lessons. All of the grade 5 CCSS fraction standards are introduced via fraction blocks or rectangular grids. There is a special focus on subtracting mixed fractions using addition and on fraction multiplication.

The Hands On Equations Fractions learning system
This program applies the methods of Hands-On Equations to the solution of verbal problems, including age, consecutive number, and distance problems. Learn a 5-step approach students can follow to represent and solve verbal problems concretely and pictorially.