Feb 10, 2021

Reusable Content for Digital Creations

Are students creating reading responses? Showing their learning in a video or slideshow? ClassLink provides a single sign-on access to content for students to safely and ethically use and remix images, information, sounds, and more.  

We at Grant Wood Area Education Agency know teachers are makers too! On a daily basis educators make learning opportunities. 

Our online resources support and provide digital content/items for student creations and for creating learning opportunities--especially with distance and hybrid learning environments.

Click the links below to learn more about each resource.

  • AP Newsroom: Easily download current and historical photos, audio clips, and infographics from the Associated Press.
  • Clipart: High quality video clips, graphics and photos to reuse in their creations.  
  • Soundzabound: Audio clips at various lengths may be used in video, audio, and other multimedia creations.

These resources, normally used for getting information, but they also have reusable content!  

  • Britannica: Video, photos, primary source images, charts, diagrams, maps & infographics.
  • Gale: Video, pictures, tables, graphics and excerpts.
  • EBSCO: Pictures, tables, and brief excerpts.

Looking for reusable video?  Or images?  See this choiceboard that shares the online resource reusable content based on format.  *Note:  This choice board is also licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0, so you are able to remix it to best suit your classroom needs as long as you share it freely too.