Feb 26, 2021

Using Technology to Engage Students

Using Technology to Engage Students

This is the final Snippet from math consultant Janet Greene! Don't forget, you can catch ALL Saturday Snippets in this archive. Throughout March Erikka Vosmek and Laura Musser will cover blended learning topics for administrative audiences AND educators who work with gifted students.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of using a new tech tool. We have to remind ourselves that Blended & Personalized Learning isn’t designed around technology; the starting point is identifying what students need to know and be able to do. Technology can support that learning when it is used with intentionality. Jackson Best outlines meaningful ways to use technology in Eight Ways to Engage Students with Technology

Another great source for guides and resources is the Kentucky Center for Mathematics website. 


This website houses resources to help teachers design high-quality learning experiences. Educators can browse the following useful resources and more. Here are a few shortcuts:

Keeping a clear focus on the learning outcomes and creating learning experiences to support those outcomes with appropriate resources and tools is the goal of Blended & Personalized Learning classrooms.  

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