Apr 23, 2021

PBIS Person of the Year 2020

The Iowa Department of Education is celebrating across all Area Education Agencies outstanding educators recognized for significant accomplishments in the implementation of Positive Behavioral Supports. In previous years, there was only one person chosen as PBIS person of the year, but creating growing and outstanding PBIS/MTSS frameworks has necessitated recognizing more than one individual, one from each of Iowa's nine AEAs.

 Kristi Hicks, Associate Director of Student Services at Linn-Mar Community School District, is nominated for PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) person of the year in Grant Wood Area Education Agency's service area.

Kristi has Congratulations! Kristi Hicks PBIS Person of the Year!been directly supporting PBIS implementation in the Linn-Mar School District since 2018-2019 school year. It is very noticeable how much impact Kristi has had over that span of time. Recently, Kristi helped establish a district leadership team.  This leadership team (including representation from district buildings and administration) has met regularly over the past two years, completing the District Systems Fidelity Inventory (DSFI) and usig this data to develop an action plan. The team established processes and procedures to increase efficiency and effectiveness in meetings.

Both outcome and fidelity data are regularly used for action planning. The district leadership team’s work has focused on clarity around behavioral data and on a consistent approach with professional development opportunities across buildings and staff (materials utilized and time developed to PBIS).

Kristi represents PBIS by modeling all that PBIS encompasses. This includes highly effective leadership skills, respect for all voices, providing explicit positive feedback and supreme organizational skills. She encourages utilization of AEA support, including professional training and coaching, as well as external coach supports. Kristi also advocates for PBIS and communicates the work and progress of the district leadership team with the district superintendent and executive team. In summary, she is a lifelong learner and is comfortable learning “together” as we work through the continuous improvement process.

Congratulations, Kristi, and thank you for all of your hard work!

About PBIS:

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a Multi-Tiered System of Supports framework. PBIS/MTSS is an every-education decision-making framework that addresses the “whole child,” and attends to academic and social-emotional-behavioral needs of students.

Key features of MTSS include a continuum of supports with increasing intensity matched to student need, the use of research informed practices, and data for decision making. Phrases describing these award winners vary from, “outstanding, changes students’ lives, data-driven, creates positive relationships with all families to changes the culture of our entire school.”

Further PBIS Reading: 

Grant Wood AEA staff have been learning about evidence based practices for supporting and implementing PBIS District Leadership Teams to create a shared vision, language and experience that makes everyone more effective. If districts are interested in support with development and implementation of PBIS District Leadership Teams, they can reach out to PBIS Consultants. Learn more here.

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