Apr 02, 2021

Online Literacy Resources | Grant Wood A E A Saturday Snippets

Online Literacy Resources

Throughout April Jess Quandahl and Chris Klostermann will be sharing “snippets” of how Blended/Personalized learning can look in the English Language Arts (ELA) classroom K-12. Jess and Chris are literacy consultants with Grant Wood Area Education Agency as well as members of the Blended Personalized Team.  

English Language Arts in the Blended/Personalized environment is unique in that the discipline is not so much content driven as it is skill driven. That is to say, students are consistently developing the skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing through and with content, and not with the content as the central focus at all times.  

As a result, “blending” in the ELA classroom has, at its core, consistently quick feedback loops and other collaborative conversations to deepen learning and facilitate transfer of learning. This dialogue happens both from peer to peer as well as teacher to student and student to teacher. To help facilitate those different conversations, you still need some "clay" for students to "mold" their learning. That's where the variety and easy accessibility of Grant Wood's online resources come into play. 

Many of the Grant Wood AEA online resources provide valuable content through which teachers can support the continued development of literacy skills in a personalized way. From ebooks and audiobooks, to videos and project based learning activities, these free preK-12 digital resources can be used to support blended and personalized learning opportunities in any ELA classroom.

Iowa's AEAs makes available dozens of online resources spanning a variety of disciplines, all free for school districts. Each resources is labeled and color coded for age ranges, making them useful for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

Here are just a few literacy based recommendations:
  • MackinVIA provides access to ebooks, read-alongs, audiobooks, databases, and videos.
  • Gale offers reliable research materials for students of all ages. This includes magazines, newspapers, and encyclopedias. Gale even has read aloud options and can be translated into multiple languages.
  • Bookflix is a great resource for early readers (preK-3rd Grade). Created by Scholastic, this resource promotes the joy of reading through animated storybooks, read-alongs, and activites.

There are more resources on the Grant Wood AEA online resources page that will help make reading fun for students of all ages in any Blended/Personalized learning environment. To make blended learning easier, educators and students can link these resources into playlists, choice boards, and learning management systems. Remember, students can log in to all online resources with one convenient login via ClassLink.

If you have any questions, reach out to Jess Quandahl or Chris Klostermann. You can also reach Dianna Geers in the Media Center with any questions about these online resources and more.