May 07, 2021

What Teachers Plan to Keep Next Year | Grant Wood A E A Saturday Snippets

What Teachers Plan to Keep Next Year

Time for another Saturday Snippet! May's Snippets all examine how Blended and Personalized learning might look next year. For this week's Snippet, Grant Wood AEA digital learning consultant Gina Rogers asked area teachers what they plan on keeping in the 2021-22 school year.

Question: What are you going to keep doing next year that really paid off for you this year?

Answer: Greeting and listening to students. Taking time to connect. This is such a simple practice, but one that pays off in spades for developing a Collaborative Learning Community. A Collaborative Learning Community is one of the central tenets of blended/personalized learning and a Collaborative Learning Community will result in learners who feel safe, valued, and recognized. Practices that results in a Collaborative Learning Community include interactions between students and teachers that are positive and productive. Greeting students at the door, listening to them, and taking the time to connect is one great way to make teacher-student interactions positive and productive.

Answer: Consider students’ interests when developing learning experiences. A Collaborative Learning Community recognizes students’ interests and experiences as an essential ingredient for student learning. Students who see themselves in the learning experience will be more highly invested in the academic task at hand. Additionally, when teachers design learning experiences that connect back to student’s lives outside of school, students see that their teachers are interested in them as humans. 

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