May 21, 2021

Resources for Accelerating Student Learning

Educators are already looking ahead to the fall and considering the imperative of supporting a classroom of learners with diverse learning needs.

Supports for Accelerating Student Learning This dilemma isn’t new, but it’s one that’s been exacerbated by the pandemic. Each year educators consider expectations for their students, assess student learning, evaluate ways to respond to unfinished learning, and look for ways for students to deepen their knowledge of standards if they’ve already mastered the content. 

This year educators understand that the task facing them isn’t narrowly focused on remediation for students who have unfinished learning. Instead educators are dialed into ensuring students continue to achieve grade level standards and tasks and have access to just-in-time support as needed to accelerate their learning.

Grant Wood Area Education Agency staff researched high leverage resources from the Iowa Department of Education, Iowa’s Return to Learn plans and national exports to build a single resource to help educators navigate these tools.

“These tools and resources can be implemented in any structure,” explained Director of Teaching and Learning Kris Donnelly. “Our staff recognize that some applications might be needed by an individual teacher for a specific class, while in another district there might be a group of teachers working on building-wide efforts to accelerate student learning. These resources have application in all of those scenarios.”

Supports for Accelerating Unfinished Student Learning Toolbox

District administrators and teaching staff are invited to explore the accelerated student learning resources, and are encouraged to connect with Grant Wood AEA regional administrators and staff for additional assistance in implementing these tools and practices.

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