May 25, 2021

Season 6: Episode 8: Think, Make, Innovate says 'Farewell!'

After 6 seasons, 56 episodes, and 29 schools highlighted, we have decided to pull down the curtains on our makerspace challenge show, Think, Make, Innovate.  We want to say a HUGE thank you to all of our schools, teachers, and students for letting us into your creative spaces and allowing us to be a part of creativity in action! It has been a great joy to see creativity spread across our AEA by all of the amazing work that educators have been doing.

In this episode, Amber, Mindy, and we bring back Jason, to share our favorite memories and share some words of wisdom to keep creativity going.

Keep in mind that all of the episodes will remain on our website and YouTube, feel free to search and spark new ideas to share with your students. And also consider how you will continually build the creative culture in your classrooms and schools by looking at the last video series we wrapped up last month working to establish pieces of a creative culture. You can check out all of the videos on this playlist.

1) Creating Questions: Creating a challenge question that has an action with context to encourage thinking 2) Prompting Creativity: using prompts that encourage students to stretch their thinking by considering constraints. 3) Problem Solving Frameworks: Consider adopting a whole creative process 4) Reflection: Reflection helps students better understand their creative process

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And as you continue on, never forget: "As Always... #HaveFunMaking"

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