Jun 04, 2021

Saturday Snippets Ensuring Well-Being & Self-Care

Ensuring Well-Being & Self-Care 
In Accelerated Learning

Time for another Saturday Snippet! The last few months we have been sharing bite-sized blog posts written by educators, for educators. Recently these Snippets have been focused on Blended and Personalized Learning, but this summer we'll shift the focus of Saturday Snippets to tips about accelerated learning.

This month School Psychologist Tammy Beener and Special Education Consultant Jillian O'Rourke dive into social emotional behavioral health (SEBH) in accelerated learning.

To start, Tammy and Jillian wanted to highlight how necessary it is that educators be aware of their own mental health this upcoming school year. "Ensuring well-being and self-care is so important for adults,” they shared. “We need to ensure we are taking care of ourselves so we can continue to show up for our students each day." 

A great resource for better understanding well-being can be found in these Return To Learn (R2L) modules.

Staff are welcome to complete these at their own pace as individuals or as a team. The first one dives into strategies for self-care.

This session covers the impact of COVID-19 stressors. Participants also will learn about self-care and strategies to use to address their own well-being.

This session contains information on the importance of establishing and using consistent expectations and routines in COVID-19 instructional models.

This module helps educators understand why learners, families and staff may feel emotionally unsafe. Participants will also identify trauma-informed practices for reducing stress and promoting an emotionally supportive environment.

Another great resource can be found on the Iowa Department of Education Social Emotional Learning Website. This website provides an overview of social emotional learning. We particularly recommend checking out the Iowa Social Emotional Learning Competencies for a guide on social-emotional learning. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our SEBH team if you have any questions regarding these resources! You can always access a Grant Wood AEA staff member by emailing our staff at grantwoodaea@gwaea.org.

Tune in next week for another Saturday Snippet. If you ever miss a week, you can always find them archived here.

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