Jun 10, 2021

Saturday Snippets Invest in Tier 1 Practices

Invest in Tier 1 Practices

SEBH in Accelerated Learning

This month members of the Grant Wood AEA social emotional behavior health (SEBH) team dive more deeply into social emotional behavioral health as it relates to accelerated learning.

As educators we know it is so important to have high leverage, evidence-based classroom practices to support all students. Creating a safe and predictable environment is essential for student learning to happen. We love the Six Effective Classroom Practices Website because there are some “ready to go” Google Slides and snapshots that support learning about each practice, the research that supports each, and a self assessment tool that can be used to measure adult skills in relation to that specific practice.

Additionally, we recommend you check out these quick Return to Learn (R2L) Modules that demonstrate the importance of investing in Tier 1 practices.

This module helps educators understand why learners, families, and staff may feel emotionally unsafe. Participants will also identify trauma-informed practices for reducing stress and promoting an emotionally supportive environment.

Content in this module focuses on the prevention of cyberbullying and intervention strategies.

This is preschool-specific SEBH support for building relationships.

This is preschool-specific SEBH support for creating and teaching routines.

Finally, we recommend reading the article published by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports titled "Aligning and Integration of Social Emotional Learning Skills." This brief describes how school personnel can teach social emotional competencies within a PBIS framework to support systematic, school-wide implementation through ONE system, rather than trying to improve student outcomes through separate, competing initiatives.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our SEBH team if you have any questions regarding these resources! You can always access a Grant Wood AEA staff member by emailing our staff at grantwoodaea@gwaea.org.

If you missed last week’s Snippet you can find it archived here.

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