Jul 08, 2021

Elements of Exlplicit Instruction in Accelerated Learning

Elements of Explicit Instruction

In Accelerated Learning

Time for another Saturday Snippet! This summer we've shifted the focus of Saturday Snippets to tips about accelerated learning. 

In last week’s Snippet we examined some resources from Achieve the Core. This week we will share some strategies and practices teachers can use to optimize their instructional time.

We’ll start with 10 Key Policies and Practices for All Schools (Meadow Center). These policies and practices are based on strong evidence of effectiveness from high-quality research to show what policies should be in place to guarantee success for all learners.

Next we look more closely at 16 Elements of Explicit Instruction (Archer & Hughes). This resource highlights several ways teachers can be intentional about their instruction in ways that benefit all learners.

Finally, we’d like to leave you with a few questions to think about from Grant Wood AEA consultants:

  • Have we ensured time is consistently protected for literacy and math?
  • Can teachers consistently identify the evidence-based practices they are using and why each practice was chosen?
  • Are there structures in place for collaboration among teachers and with families?

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