Jul 08, 2021

Universal Core Content in Accelerated Learning

Universal Core Content
In Accelerated Learning

Time for another Saturday Snippet! This summer we've shifted the focus of Saturday Snippets to tips about accelerated learning. In last week’s Snippet we shared resources related to Universal Tier Tools. This week we’ll expand on those building blocks by looking at a resource from Achieve the Core.

Achieve the Core has put together a landing page for Priority Instructional Content in ELA/Literacy and Mathematics.

The page contains resources that name instructional content priorities in mathematics (K–8, high school) and ELA/literacy (K–12) and were developed in response to the disruption of the global pandemic of COVID-19. 

Here are a few things to think about while engaging with these resources:

  • Are students having opportunities to learn all of the grade level Iowa Core Academic Standards?
  • Can teachers and students clearly state learning targets and describe where they are on the learning progression?
  • Are teachers using core-aligned evidence-based materials responsively to meet students’ needs?

In next week’s Snippet, we will examine strategies and practices teachers can use to optimize their instructional time.

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