Aug 22, 2018

Faces & Spaces: Dianna Geers, new Grant Wood AEA Teacher Librarian

Blog post authored by Lynn Kleinmeyer

Dianna Geers -New teacher librarian

Dianna Geers has joined the Grant Wood AEA Media Center as the new teacher librarian.

This fall you may see a familiar face in a new space.

Dianna Geers has joined the Grant Wood AEA Media Center as the new teacher librarian and will oversee the Grant Wood AEA Media Center, providing resources and supports to teacher librarians in the Grant Wood AEA service area, school staff and consultants.

Although she may be new to the position at the GWAEA, Dianna is no stranger to the area, education or the librarian profession.

Dianna began her teaching career as a special education teacher in the Cedar Rapids School District, where she taught for 25 years. During her time in Cedar Rapids, she served in a variety of different roles: special education, general education ELA, talented and gifted, and teacher librarian. Last year she joined College Community School District, where she served as the teacher librarian in the district’s 5th and 6th grade building, Prairie Creek.

“When I was an ELA teacher, I was lucky enough to have amazing teacher librarians in two different buildings. The way they knew and promoted books, would work with me on projects and getting resources and embraced using the internet creatively helped me provide better learning opportunities for my students. As an ELA teacher, I would often collaborate in a similar way with teachers on my team and I eventually realized I wanted to collaborate and support more teachers and students,” Dianna shared.

Throughout her educational career, Dianna has continued to pursue professional growth. She holds multiple master’s degrees from the University of Iowa--one in Special Education (1997) and another in Library and Information Science (2011)--and is a National Board Certified Teacher in K-12 Library/Media (2014).

Dianna is extremely passionate about equity, empowering students as creator, the power of collaboration between teachers and teacher librarians, stating, “That’s when real magic can happen.”

“I am so excited to get to work with both of the districts and to support the learners (staff and students) who I already know from past experiences, and I am excited to branch out, make new connections and learn the goals and passions of the other districts and see how I might be able to help and support them from the Media Center at GWAEA,” Dianna says.

As she begins her 8th year in the library profession, Dianna is excited about the transition to Grant Wood AEA and the opportunities of her new position to support and empower Grant Wood AEA teacher librarians.

“I am so interested in learning the stories of the teacher librarians in the GWAEA service area. Each library is unique and each building is its own community. I want to help get resources into the hands of those who need them--whether that is a librarian, a teacher, a student or other learner.”

Looking to connect with and learn from Dianna? Follow her work or reach out:


Twitter: @dianna_geers

Instagram: @diannageers

Lynn Kleinmeyer is a GWAEA digital learning consultant where she works to support school librarians. Prior to joining the Digital Learning Team, Lynn served as a K-5 teacher librarian. Reach out to Lynn with questions or suggestions at or @THLibrariZen.