Sep 17, 2018

Librarians as Leaders

Blog post authored by Lynn Kleinmeyer

It’s no secret that teacher librarians are leaders.

Teacher librarians work with all members of the learning community--students, teachers and administrators. They are uniquely situated to be educational leaders within their school communities. They have a valuable skill set as instructional leaders. They understand the importance of personalized learning. They bring innovative practices and resources to their schools. In today’s digital learning environment, their expertise in information literacy, especially in regards to evaluating and appropriately utilizing resources are essential. They are connectors, helping align curriculum with resources, tools and resources with purpose, and connecting all learning to the bigger pictures of not only the school’s initiatives, but, more importantly, a global community.

The American Association for School Libraries (AASL) has long advocated for the value-add of teacher librarians in school communities. In their infographic School Librarians as Learning Leaders: An Administrator’s Guide, AASL turns to a variety of position statements, articles, research reports, videos and infographics in support of all the ways teacher librarians impact the success of students.

AASL School Librarians as Learning Leaders: An Administrator's Guide Infographic

Within the Future Ready Librarian Framework, the value-add of teacher librarians as intellectual partners is highlighted throughout, but especially in two components: “Building Instructional Partnerships” and “Leads Beyond the Library.” “Building Instructional Partnerships” speaks to the alignment of curriculum, resources, innovative practices, and digital learning experiences, while “Leads Beyond the Library” speaks to the importance of the teacher librarian’s role in helping set “the school district’s vision and strategic plan for digital learning” and fostering “a culture of collaboration and innovation to empower teachers and learners” (Alliance for Excellent Education, June 2018).

Future Ready Librarians Framework Wheel

The leadership potential of teacher librarians is not new news. Teacher librarians have long known all of this.

But how to we help get the word out?

We’d love to hear your ideas of how you go about cultivating instructional partnerships and leading beyond your library. Please add your ideas and resources to the Librarians as Leaders Padlet below! Be sure to add your name to your post!


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Lynn Kleinmeyer is a GWAEA digital learning consultant where she works to support school librarians. Prior to joining the Digital Learning Team, Lynn served as a K-5 teacher librarian. Reach out to Lynn with questions or suggestions at or @THLibrariZen.