Procedures and Forms

These shortcuts will help educators and parents navigate the forms related to special education:

These procedures include release notes, parental rights summary, procedural safeguards manual for parents, educational evaluation reports and IEP Forms.

For each child with a disability who requires special education, a public school district and area education agency have the responsibility to provide a free and
appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. This is a brief summary of parental rights related to this requirement.

This document helps ensure that the rights of children with disabilities and their parents are protected; assists local educational agencies, area education agencies, and state agencies to provide for the education of all children with disabilities and to allocate responsibilities among those agencies; and the effectiveness of efforts to educate children with disabilities.

Early ACCESS is a partnership between families with young children, birth to age three, and providers from the Departments of Education, Public Health, Human Services, the Child Health Specialty Clinics. The purpose of this program is for families and staff to work together in identifying, coordinating and providing needed services and resources that will help the family assist their infant or toddler to grow and develop.

This Department of Education resource focuses on the transition of youth with disabilities from high school to learning, living and working in the community.

These forms and resources can assist parents and educators in determining eligibility for 504 services and addressing 504 requirements.