Family & Educator Partnership

Helping families work with teachers

Do you have questions about your child's education? The Grant Wood AEA Family & Educator Partnership (FEP)

works to develop and sustain effective partnerships among families, educators, and community providers to promote success for all children and youth with disabilities.

Grant Wood AEA's team of FEP partners combine real world experience with professional training allowing them to provide support, information and resources to families.

Learn more with this statewide FEP brochure.


Services are provided at no cost and on a continuum of support based on YOUR needs. Some parents only need a phone call, some want long term help. Services are fully confidential.
Fill out the form below (optional) or contact an FEP Partner if any of these apply to you:

  • My child is struggling -- I don't know what to do
  • My child has been recently diagnosed with a learning disability
  • I'm concerned about my child's relationships with their teacher
  • I want to know about my rights as a parent/student rights and responsibilities
  • I'm struggling with an evaluation -- what can I do? Next steps?
  • I'm interested in a neutral party to discuss an IEP or 504 implementation
  • I'm interested in community resources, camps and leisure activities
  • I'm interested in understanding transition services: preparing a student in special education, age 14 or older, in the areas of living, learning and working
  • I need help with Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP/IEP) meetings.

Get Help For Your Child

Find Additional Family Learning Opportunities

1. Visit the Professional Learning page.
2. Read who is listed under Audience and look to see if Parents are included.
3. If Parents are listed, register electronically or phone FEP at 319-399-6702 to receive a hard copy of the registration form.
4. Scholarships may be available. Call FEP if a scholarship is needed, 319-399-6702.
5. Registering in advance is necessary.

Recovery Services

Recovery Services are services that are designed to address skills and content that was not taught due to closures related to COVID-19.


Important contacts

Staff Directory
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Jennifer Cira-Debban

Family Educator Partner

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Sara Mohr

Family Educator Partner

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