A Model Partnership for Elevating Teaching

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Development, Retention and Support for New Teachers

The Grant Wood Area Education Agency's Induction Consortium Model is designed to provide professional development and support to district mentors and administrators assisting beginning teachers during their first two years in the profession. Read more about this consortium and how this partnership has impacted and supported Grant Wood AEA teachers and students.

New Teacher Retention

gwaea consortium participants saw ninety-five percent retention rate among new teachers

Consortiums across the country, including the New Teacher Center Teacher-Mentor model used at Grant Wood AEA, have helped give new teachers the support they need.

Research has shown that this approach has produced impressive results for participating districts who joined the GWAEA Mentoring and Induction program. Thirty to forty percent of Iowa teachers leave the state after three years, but Grant Wood AEA consortium members saw a 95 percent retention rate among new teachers thanks in part to this program.

Accelerated Teacher Practice

eighty five percent of participating teachers felt the program positively impacted students' learning

While this model successfully helped retain teachers, members of the Grant Wood AEA induction consortium have focused on and measured the acceleration of teacher practice and the impact on student learning.

Using a Common Theory of Action

theory of action

In 2006, GWAEA began partnering with the New Teacher Center, a nationally renown partner for advancing new teacher practice. This partnership uses a common theory of action to help advance new teacher practice.

An evaluation of this model by SRI Education measured successful student outcomes, teacher practice measures, and retention of the program.

Costs, Savings and Funding

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Faced with financial challenges, districts often need to weigh the benefits against the costs of participating in a consortium.