Jul 31, 2018

Early Access and Early Childhood: Children Birth to Five Years Old Growth and Development

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Should I be concerned?

Many parents often ask questions about their child’s growth and development. As parents, it can be scary not knowing what to look for as your child grows and develops. Should my child be crawling yet? How many words should my child be using? Is my child on the right development track or are they behind the curve?

It’s important to ask these questions, and it’s important to know beginning milestones as your baby and toddler develop. For children under five years of age, Grant Wood AEA has professional experts that listen to parent concerns, help answer parent questions, and help guide parents through the eligibility process for Early Access and Early Childhood services. Our Early Access and Early Childhood staff are early interventionists that assist in identifying growth and developmental concerns, and work collaboratively with families in identifying needs of young children.

Do you have questions about your child’s growth and development? The Iowa Family Support Network has a great site containing information for understanding your child’s development with specific developmental milestones for different ages. In the meantime, here are some things to consider and observe to determine if your child is showing typical development.

  • Has your child met developmental milestones?
  • Does your doctor have concerns regarding your child’s development?
  • Is your child a late talker? (e.g. do they make cooing and gurgling sounds, babble, first words by 12 months of age, etc.)
  • Is your child’s motor skills developing? (e.g. lifting head, rolling over, kicking arms and legs, sitting up, walking, etc.)
  • Does your child like to be touched and held?
  • Does your child understand what you say to them?
  • Does your child know familiar people?

If parents have concerns about these or other potential growth and development problems, they should consider contacting their family physician for a consultation. To reach out to Grant Wood AEA’s Early Access or Early Childhood team, call 319-399-6746.

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