Jul 05, 2018

Welcome to The Carpool Lane

Grant Wood AEA's The Carpool Lane

Well, this is awkward.

It’s sort of like that moment when you look across the room at a party and make a connection with someone you know you’ve met before, but you just can’t place them. We get it. Parents are busy people and sometimes you need a little help to put a name with a face.

Allow us to introduce ourselves again and spare you from trying to recall who we are and what we do.

Grant Wood Area Education Agency is your partner for learning. Our staff members partner with local school districts to ensure that all of Iowa’s children have the best chance at success. That means your student - and virtually all Iowa students - are supported every day in some way by AEA services. We help train teachers, we provide materials and technology to schools, and we provide direct services to students who need it most.

Since our agency formed 40 years ago we’ve understood the importance of providing parents meaningful opportunities to participate in the planning and provision of educational services for their children. Your child’s teachers work with us a lot, and we sometimes we work directly with parents as well.

And now we’re expanding on that concept. Let us introduce you to your new best friend in parenting, The Carpool Lane. We know this parenting thing didn’t come with a binder of checklists and suggestions, so we’re sharing the wealth of knowledge from our staff with you through this blog. You’ll get tips on behavior strategies, literacy, math and find resources to help your learner.

These are tips from the same experts that are working in local schools to help advance student learning. You’ll hear from our consultants, our therapists and our specialists on topics that matter to you. Our articles will be rooted in research-based practices in education specifically selected to help parents and supporters of students help all learners succeed. We’re doing this for you, because you and other members of our community have asked for it. And because we believe in the opportunities that exist in each and every child, and because we believe that we’re all part of the village that helps develop our young learners.

We know partnerships with communities improve student well-being, and if we’re successful, we hope The Carpool Lane will help us build even stronger connections with students, families and educators.

And now that we’ve had the chance to get reacquainted, don’t be a stranger. Follow along through The Carpool Lane on Facebook. If you have any issues you would like to discuss, or if you would like to share a personal story, please email grantwoodaea@gwaea.org.

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