Aug 01, 2018

Grant Wood’s Family and Educator Partnership (FEP): Together We’re Better

Fostering home, school, and community relationships

Mom, Dad, Son and Daughter

Did you know?

The Family and Educator Partnership (FEP) is part of a statewide support network of projects funded through grants from the Iowa Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education. The FEP believes that children and youth do better when their families and educators work together and build on the strengths of students and their families.

Fostering home, school, and community relationships

The FEP works to develop and sustain effective partnerships between families, educators, and community providers to promote success for all children and youth with disabilities.

The FEP began in 1984 under the sponsorship of the Iowa Department of Education and Bureau of Special Education with the support of Iowa’s Area Education Agencies (AEAs). Each AEA in the state has at least one parent and one educator working together, dedicated to promoting genuine partnerships among families, schools, and communities,

FEP Services and Resources

  • Support to families and educators through personal, face-to-face, phone, or email contacts
  • Attend Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)/Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings
  • Assistance with preparing for IEP/IFSP meetings
  • Liaison services between home and school to enhance communication
  • Support to families and educators by building relationships to promote success for children and youth with disabilities
  • Provide support and assistance to increase family awareness of resources and services available for students that are transitioning from an IFSP to IEP and IEP/post-secondary education
  • Link families and educators to services and resources both within the AEA and community
  • Library materials such as DVDs, books, and disability-specific literature
  • Information on parent/student rights and responsibilities in special education
  • Provide information regarding conferences, workshops, and professional development opportunities in the area

If parents want to contact the Family and Educator Partnership or obtain additional information, visit,, or call (319) 399-6702 or (319) 399-6719.

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