Mar 27, 2020

Five Ways to Get Your Family Moving!A family of five taking a nature walk on a trail

Are you looking for things to do to get your family moving? Check out these five ideas from two of our Grant Wood AEA consultants.

The medical and mental health fields have long recognized the link between mental health and movement. As many families are ending week two of social distancing and working/learning from home, the need for movement is more important than ever!

Here are just a few ideas to help you get your family moving:

1. Nature walk - Get on the move and take in some fresh air and greenery outside! Brainstorm a checklist of things you want to look for on your walk (leaves, pond, birds, sign, frog, butterfly, clouds, etc.). Allow some extra time to take it all in and make some memories with your family on a nature walk. To learn more about mental health benefits associated with nature walks, visit this blog.

2. Synchronize movements - Matching your movements to the movements of others is a fun way to slow down, pay attention, and to anticipate what your partner will do. As an added benefit, synchronizing your movements to others has been proven to improve positive connections. To learn more, check out this article on synchronized movements from Harvard Health.

3. Family dance party - Turn up the music and dance like nobody is watching! You can do this activity indoors or outdoors, as long as you are having fun! Have your child design a dance to teach to parents or other siblings. You can also bring some competition into it. Have a family TikTok challenge or dance-off. Make memories!

4. Bring back the classics - Try out a game of Knockout or HORSE (basketball game), Simon Says, Hopscotch, Jump rope, Red light/Green light, Hide-And-Go-Seek, Four Square, Shadow Tag. You may have to teach your children the rules of these games. These classic games are sure to make some memories while bringing back some memories from your childhood, as well!

5. Design a family obstacle course - This can be an indoor or outdoor activity. Grab some painter’s tape or sidewalk chalk and create a course that challenges your children to go over, under, and around. Challenge them with different movements: jump, crawl, climb, zig-zag, or balance. Better yet, have your kids design one for you!


- Lynn Kleinmeyer, GWAEA Digital Learning Consultant
- Andrea Townsley, GWAEA School Improvement Consultant


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