Mar 31, 2020

Week 2 of Quick Writes for Middle and High School Students

A male student at a desk writing

It is a new week and week 2 of students exploring their writing voices using Quick Writes.

Our previous post introduced Quick Writes. Quick Writes allow students to use their writing to explore their thoughts, feelings, and to develop their writing voice.

Each week, we will offer a new set of five prompts that middle and high schoolers can use to keep thinking and writing. The guiding instructions for students to use the prompts include:

  • Type, handwrite in a journal, and use voice-to-text
  • Write in any style that appeals to you: paragraphs, lists, poems. Mix it up! Experiment!     
  • Illustrate your work if you would like. Drawing, collages, doodles - whatever you like!     
  • Write every day or skip some days. (Try to write at least three times a week.)     
  • Be honest.   
  • Remember, this is about content. Worry less about grammar and spelling.

The prompts for this week include:

What are you doing every day? How are you spending your time? What is making you happy? What things are frustrating you?

You have been home for some days now. What are you noticing about your home? Not the people - the actual place you live. How does it feel to you to be there, probably much more than you usually are? What are the positives? The negatives? What would you like to change?

Think about something that is frustrating or challenging you right now. Write an open letter to someone who needs to hear what you have to say about the topic. Consider addressing this letter to politicians, scientists, teachers, friends, parents. Be honest. (Bonus: Share and discuss your letter with someone [at home or via social media], and get their feedback.)

You have probably heard about the medical supply shortages and needs not just around the world, but here in America. Is it typical that we think about shortages in America? Why/why not? What are your thoughts about the shortage of medical supplies (masks, ventilators, gloves etc.)? What ideas do you have to prevent such shortages in the future?

Go outdoors to your yard, porch, balcony, deck, driveway...wherever you can take some breaths of fresh air. How does it feel? How do you feel? Write about your mind-body connection.

- Laura Johnson, GWAEA Curriculum Consultant

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