Apr 01, 2020

Make the Most of Math at Home 2

A student completing math at a deskWe recently shared mathematics resources to support learning with your students. Remember, math instruction at home doesn’t have to include worksheets and practice problems. Below are more resources for mathematics to share at home.

Math Apps

Hands On Equations App (Grades 4-12) - download from Google Play or the App Store
Learn to solve algebraic equations using manipulatives. This is a great tool to use along with your child. It will deepen the understanding of algebra for both of you!

Photo Math (K-12) - download from Google Play or the App Store
Literally take a photo of a math problem using your smartphone and it will work the problem for you, in case it’s been awhile since you have had to solve problems like your student is doing. Just remember that there is always more than one way to solve a problem, and the solution strategy this app provides is not the only one, but it might give you a place to start.

Early Math by First 8 Studios @WGBH 
Play the 9 math learning apps and dozens of hands-on activities. The digital Family Fun Guide provides activities to do at home.

Online Learning Tools/Resources
ST Math  - free through June 30th with no obligation to buy (K-6)
Zearn Math - free all the time (K-8)
Dreambox - free trial if you sign up before April 30 (K-8)
Khan Academy (K-12)
Learning Trajectories - free (Birth to Grade 2)
Delta Math (Grades 6-12)
Math for Love (PreK-HS)
Art of Problem Solving - Alcumus (HS)

Math Board Games
Discover Explore Learn (K-12)
The Big List of Board Games (K-12)
Code Mom - 15 Best Math Games for Kids (K-12)

Math Literature Opportunities
Would you like to share mathematics literature with your students? Refer back to our previous posts about this topic. There are loads of great math books that can be enjoyed together with you child.
- Becky Thorson, GWAEA Curriculum Consultant - Math


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