Deaf Awareness Week: 2021 Celebration

Grant Wood A E A deaf and hard of hearing team

National Deaf Awareness Week is recognized annually on the last full week in September.

This year, the Grant Wood AEA Deaf and Hard of Hearing team celebrates with a quick video reflecting on the importance of empowering others. Empowered families and students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing can problem solve barriers, reach for resources, and achieve personal success.

The team asked a parent to speak to the progress made by her son who is utilizing Grant Wood AEA's hearing and speech services. You can see Ashley and Lincoln's portion of the video starting at 20 seconds.

The team also reached out to a recent graduate of Grant Wood AEA's services, Varunavi, who is now a freshman at Iowa State University. Varunavi shares her success story and inspires other deaf students to pursue higher learning. Her video starts at 3:14.

Watch the full video here!