PLC at Work Coaching Academy 2023: Achieve a New Level of Leadership

SESSION FOCUS Structured to train school leadership teams to lead the PLC at Work® process in their building, each session begins with time to reflect on the challenges and successes that occurred during the interim period and ends with an action-planning period. For more information, consult this document. 
SESSION ONE:  (October 5-6, 2023) Day One - The Four Pillars ▪ Discover what a professional learning community means to your school. Day Two - Three Big Ideas ▪ Establish a collaborative culture focused on results.
SESSION TWO:  (February 22-23, 2024) Day Three - Assessment ▪ Form new assessment practices that build confidence in all learners. Day Four - Intervention ▪ Decide how you’ll respond when students don’t learn.
SESSION THREE:  (June 12-13, 2024) Day Five - Leadership ▪ Determine how to drive change at the classroom, school, and district level. Day Six - Celebration ▪ Anticipate the complex challenges of creating a Professional Learning Community at Work.